Bed Bug Photos Wanted

Do you have your own ORIGINAL photos of bed bugs or a story to tell? Share it with us. We love to hear it from you!

We are also currently looking for Top 50 pictures of bed bugs to put on our website so if you have photos of being bitten by bed bugs or actual images of the brown bloodsucking bugs itself, send it to us too.

If your image is choosen, we will pay you USD$5 for each picture that is selected.

We are looking for:

  • Pictures of bed bugs in different life stages from larvae to adult bed bugs.
  • Close-up photos of bed bug infestation on different parts of the mattress or house.
  • Original photos of you or victims being bitten by bed bugs.

Conditions for your bed bug pictures to be selected:

  • Photos taken must be clear and not blurry.
  • Photos has to be ORIGINAL and must not yet be found online or on any website.
  • Upon selection and payment, you agree that all photos becomes the exclusive, royalty free property of our site and cannot be resold to another buyer.

Example of a selected photo:

Bed Bug Photos
Bed Bug Photo Example

You can submit in as many bed bug photos as you want (in fact, we recommend it!) to increase your chances of being selected.

Bed Bug Bites
A victim of bed bug bites photo example 

If you have a personal story behind those bed bug photos, please send in those as well. If your story is selected, we will pay an additional $5 for an original story from you. Your story needs to be at least 350 words in length.

How To Get Paid:

Send in your photos (and story) to with the title in your email "Bed Bug Photos" together with a contactable email address.

Important! Please include the title for the email otherwise your mail may get filtered in our spam box.

Once your photo(s) is selected, our staff will contact you to have the payment send to you via PayPal.

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